Feminist Philosophy

Some of my work in feminist philosophy is related to issues of feminist epistemology and argumentation theory. I take a broadly Carnapian stance on epistemic issues, and consider how concepts such as the relativised a priori might be helpful for liberatory ends. Some of this also intersects with issues of gendered embodiment, where I have worked on gender and martial arts. Much of my work in feminist philosophy also has to do with themes surrounding gendered violence. These days, I am thinking more about people (men in particular) who have committed acts of gendered violence, and how to understand them in more complex ways that don’t just reinforce a strict binary between the monsters and the good guys. This is connected to police and prison abolition, and I have a book contract with Barrett Emerick (St Mary’s College of Maryland) for a monograph that argues against moral abandonment, with reference in particular to decarceration.

Selected Publications

History and Philosophy of Mathematics

My PhD thesis was written on mathematical practice, and focused on the history of algebra. Some of that work was extended into writing on the history and philosophy of mathematical structuralism, particularly as it related to Emmy Noether and Richard Dedekind. I loved working in this area, but I don’t really have any current research projects in it any more.

Selected Publications

Modal Logic

I used to work in dynamic epistemic logic, considering issues of modelling agents’ changing beliefs over time.

Selected Publications

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